Closed for Easter: Good Friday-Easter Monday, back at it Tuesday 23rd

Our story

Established in 2016


New (adjective) Produced, introduced, or discovered recently or now for the first time; not existing before. 

Bliss (noun)  Perfect happiness; great joy;   A state of spiritual blessedness.

Originally from Ireland,  we (Dermot & Rhona) settled in sunny Brisbane after many years in London & the Middle East and haven't looked back!

We planned, created and molded this space from scratch. Everything from the iron features to the counter top, the pallet lights to the tables, the signage to the window hatch was handmade with love and hard graft.

Local illustrator, Sam Wong created a amazing representation of the city on our feature wall. Yes, all done by hand using a hell of a lot of black pens. You can check out the video highlights on our Instagram page or  Sam's @samwong._  

Fun @ One


We turned one in June 2017. Wowsers, we couldn't believe it! We celebrated (a little too much) with all our beautiful customers to thank them for loyalty! The NewBliss fam is expanding.

Turning Two


We made it, thank you to everyone that has helped us achieve this and more! Terrible twos... it must only apply to Toddlers. Bring on another amazing year with lots of changes and fresh faces. 

ps. we bagged ourselves a second resident chef, Chris an apprentice in his final year. Watch this space for an authentic, native Australian twist to our menu